How to respond when she says "I want flowers".

We've seen it and heard it many times, as soon as flowers are mentioned around both a man and a woman in a relationship, she is quick to exclaim something along the lines of "I would love to be surprised with flowers!!".

It usually comes with a nudge, or that look (you know THAT look). Her hint becomes not so subtle.

Then his mind goes to work, or rather into shut down mode. He thinks "maybe she'll forget about this", "what happens if I forget about this?", and "did she really mean it?" as if her glowing expression did not just show that she REALLY wants a bouquet.

What just happened though is something he really wants too, which is to find out just what makes her happy. The men who act upon this assuredly reap rewards, which is why you keep hearing about her coworker who constantly gets fresh flowers delivered at the office. It's because the guy sending them figured this out a long time ago!

With this knowledge, the man always has a choice that's been simplified for him. What we've learned is forgetting about it doesn't resolve what she already told you: She REALLY wants a bouquet and might already be expecting it.