Was her 'ex' the last to send flowers? Here's why it matters.

Ask a  man about the most recent time he sent flowers and he'll most likely stare off while trying to think of a distant event. It's common to hear "I think I sent some last Valentine's Day, or maybe it was..".

When asking a woman the last time she received a bouquet, she will light up before giving a much more precise response. She's more likely to state the exact day, time and maybe even the weather that day, even if it was years ago. It's clearly evident the moment has stayed with her as much as the smells and colors.

Knowing that it has stood out, you can bet the memory is connected to whoever sent the flowers. Of course they may have come from a family member or friend, however an ex-boyfriend sending them means she knows what her current boyfriend or husband is possible of providing.

She might even be comparing your own ability to surprise her and show you were thinking of her. Just like the flowers need to stay fresh, so do those memories.