A Truly American Workout known as the "Murph"

Inspired by US Navy Seal Michael P. Murphy, the "Murph" Challenge has risen in popularity as one of the best workouts on Memorial Day Weekend. 

Are you up for this?
  • Run 1 mile.
  • 100 pullups.
  • 200 pushups.
  • 300 air squats.
  • Run 1 mile.
    *Option: 20 lbs. weighted vest.

    With a new respect for pullups after doing this myself, I've stuck to the guideline of the order being less important. The number of reps can't be missed though! For more insight on the proper form that would truly make Murph proud, check out this video

    As a Medal of Honor Recipient, Lt. Murphy was killed while fighting in Afghanistan in 2005. Whether it's through this workout or through a moment of silence, let's all be sure to give thanks to the men and women who made the sacrifices he did and remember what this weekend is truly about.