Morning Hack: Use coffee like THIS to wake up even faster

If your day starts with snooze buttons and stumbling into meetings as the person who apologetically states "I’m not a morning person", we’re sure you're up for trying one more crazy idea that can kick you out of that deep sleep.

Warning: If you don’t drink coffee, this post isn’t for you.

Ok, now that we’re back to just coffee drinkers, let’s dive in to these 7 steps:

1) Get your coffee pot ready before bed so all you have to do is hit brew in that first minute. If you have a pre-set timer, that’s even better.

2) Set your alarm to 20 minutes before you actually want to be out of bed the next morning (not still lying there hitting that snoozer).

3) When that alarm 1st goes off, get to your kitchen and turn that brewer on ASAP.

4) Now you have a few minutes to kill as it brews, so knock out a few things (i.e. packing your lunch, bathroom).

5) As soon as the java is brewed, pour your first mug and cut it with with cold water just enough to not burn off your tongue.

6) Now SLAM that coffee down, just like you were back to being the chug champ in college.

7) Get back to bed and hit snooze. When the alarm goes off the 2nd time, your body will have some caffeine running through the veins to get you back at it. 

Remember in Step 5 that the goal is here is function. You can always enjoy non-diluted coffee when you get to work on time with a little victory behind you already as you start the day.

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