3 reasons she wants flowers delivered to her at work

The last decision when you’re about to send a bouquet is where to deliver the flowers...

Your internal monologue ponders if she would like the surprise better if they went to her work rather than being delivered at home?

While we can’t speak for every woman out there, consider these before making your choice:

  1. She’ll get more time with them: Like most people we know, she probably spends more time at the office than at home. To have them in range (and to smell them whenever she wants to) means she’ll be appreciating what you sent to her much longer.
  2. To show them off: What you have is an instant conversation starter on her desk. Stand in the distance of any woman who just received flowers (or posted about them on Facebook) and you will always hear other women asking and commenting.
  3. To show YOU off.  Let’s face it, many girls champion being in a relationship. Add to it the fact that she’s with a guy who knew how to step up his A-game whether it was for her birthday or a ‘Just Because’ bouquet. You didn’t just make yourself look good by sending flowers, you made her look good.